Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Face Mask

Hey you guys! It has been such a hectic week! - no time to blog - so sad. :( But! Just  two nights ago, I tried this amazing DIY Mask. It worked wonders for my skin!
   I found the "recipe" on - where some of the most amazing things are. I will admit, when you put on the mask on, you may want to do so with some in your room, when no body's home, or with a bunch of friends over so you can all look silly together! The main reason being? The And MY family (love you guys SO much) had a hay-day with comments on my "new look".
    AT ANY RATE! I can honestly say after just one use, it reduced the redness of my skin, shrunk some of my pores, and improved my acne scars. That being said, here is the magical recipe:
 DIY Honey Face Mask

[ I give all credit to the picture to this website - check them out! :) ]

   1 t. cinnamon
   1 t. nutmeg
   2 t. honey.

Mix the gooey goodness together in a coffee mug or small jar, using a spoon....or, if you're like me, just use your fingers! It was kind of hard to mix all the spices in with the honey, and it'll be a clumpy-ish mess. Just saying. But, when it's mixed together fairly well, spread that mess all over your clean face! You can leave it on for up to 30 minutes, I think I put it on and then studied for about 20 minutes....great multi-tasking ;)
     When you're ready to take the sucker off, rinse off with warm water and small circular scrubbing motions with your hands - a double whammy! A face mask, and exfoliator. Voila!! Pat your face dry, and enjoy the beautiful results! You may not be able to fully appreciate them until the next morning, but you will definitely be so happy when you wake up and look in the mirror - only to realize you don't need HALF as much make-up as you did yesterday! Yaayyy!!!

Let me know how this goes for you guys! Feedback is always appreciated on blog posts, post content, topics, etc etc etc. Also, if you guys have any requests for posts or whatnot, comment away :)

Love always,
   Simply Jenn

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Puppy Love

I made a Puppy Love hat!I give all credit for the pattern and inspiration to the blog "Repeat Crafter Me" found at this link: ht :)
   Here's my little guy! I made it in the 6-9mo size. Hope you guys enjoy! And please get out the above mentioned website, it has tons of wonderful ideas!

Working on hat, just the beginning! So much fun, so much spinning.....
in circles. :)

 The hat is finished! Hooray for me! What's this you say?
There's more to make for play??

Earflaps come, earflaps go, see them fly, see them sew!

 And voila! Below you'll see, a Puppy Love hat, 
for you and for me. :)

Haha I hope you enjoyed my little pathway through my project process! I hope y'all enjoy making some Puppy Love hats for the little cuties on Valentine's Day.

  Simply Jenn

Friday, February 8, 2013


Sooo, secret's out! I write poetry in my free time. I haven't in quite a while....but here's a poem I wrote quite a while ago that I'd like to share with you all today.

How can you make a choice,
leaning Left and Right?
For on each side of the fence,
'Tis someone pleads
their plight.
A lover on one side,
the World on the other,
"To thine own self be true",
Yet what of your
Whilst on this tilting ship I stand,
Faltering with each step,
 And haste, a decision
must be made,
Yet to what consequence?
-Simply Jenn-

Bella Bunny

Mister Bunny's sister has arrived!! Isn't she cute? :)

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG
   Simply Jenn

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Project!

      I decided to borrow one of my favorite books from the library! It's called Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chochuto.

It mainly has adorable sweater patterns, but it all has to do with the art of blueprint crochet - following a crochet motif, instead of necessarily written out directions. I've made one of her sweaters before, but being so petite it's hard to find clothes that fit me - and even more so, make things that fit me. Soooo I'm going to try this adorable little sweater pattern, and see where it takes me...and whether or not I can find some modifications to make it fit attractively.

This picture shows the motif I'm working on, and you can get a glimpse of what the blueprint motif pattern looks like.

And this is what I hope the finished product will look like! :) Except in my color of choice, baby blue. 

 I hope y'all will enjoy my project updates throughout the crocheting process of this lovely garment :) And again, I apologize for the off-and-on blogging, it depends on my homework loads and what kind of crazy happens each day.
 Love always,
     Simply Jenn

Thursday, January 31, 2013

R-E-S-PECT. It works.

   Here lately I've been working on myself - my character, my levels of responsibility, my respect for others. And in so doing, I've had to learn to accept things as they come. From taking instructions from a parent/person in authority, to finding the initiative myself, I've been putting in some hard work on my character.
     I have examples and opportunities everywhere I go of people I see that I don't want to act like...don't want to talk like...don't want to be associated with. Yet when I took a step back and really looked at myself, I realized that I have way more in common with those people than I ever care to admit. Talking with my closest friend on the face of the planet, I was able to see that I don't have to stay this way. I don't have to have an attitude when I'm told to do something. I don't have to react harshly when someone snaps at me. I can find ways to react positively to situations that I find myself in - whether they be preferred or not.
     One thing that I've been working on the most are my responses. Having respect for people in authority is key to obtaining this goal. I don't have to agree with the person, I don't have to act like their bestfriend. But, I do have to respect them - because guess what?? Th.ey are still human being. They still need someone to respect them as a human being, no matter the circumstances. And one way I can respect them is by watching my responses. How I react when they say or do something.
   For example: If I'm about to start my homework, I've had a long day of school and just want to get this done so I can go to bed....and my mom/dad/grandparent tells me to go clean the kitchen. Sure, I have "every right" to have a reaction and just be in a terrible mood. You could do that, and make everyone else miserable. Or, you can decide to put yourself, your self-interest, and your wants aside, and go clean the kitchen out of respect for the person who asked you. WITHOUT complaining and letting the whole world know you're doing it.
    If you do however REAALLLYYY need to get that essay written, or what have you, and can't possibly clean the kitchen, be respectful about it. Don't turn around and snap at the person, saying perhaps, "Mom, I can't. I'm TRYING to get my homework DONE!" That would only cause more problems between you and that person of authroity. Something along the lines of, "Mom, I would love to clean the kitchen for you. I have an essay due tomorrow that I really need to finish and print off though. Would it be okay if I cleaned the kitchen when I'm finished", or even offer to clean the kitchen tomorrow night when you don't have homework due, or make breakfast or something.

   There are so many things a person can say that wouldn't seem disrespectful - except for their tone of voice. When it comes to showing respect for those in authority, no matter what the situation, your tone of voice and how you say things will play a huge role in communication.

  This is something that I've been working on in myself...and I hope that, if needed, it is something that you can work on as well. Trust me, people see the change! People see the results, whether it's the person you're respecting, a close friend, or even someone in the middle at Walmart. People are always watching and learning - let us be respectful, and help teach those around us.

As always, with love,
   Simply Jenn

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mister Bunny

Hey y'all! Oi vey, I'm so sorry for the delay! My classes started up full swing last week, and all of my homework is online - which has produced an eye strain and eye sensitivity....therefore, I had to go to the eye doc and get prescription glasses to be worn until it goes away. But for now, I have some "readers" as we call em that seem to be helping and let me see my laptop again!! I have several good posts coming's just finding the time to sit down and write them out.

Eitherwho! For today, I will share my little bunny friend that I have finished. I started crocheting this little guy a long time ago, but got to a stopping point and moved on to other projects, as you can see. However, I found him again recently and just had the urge to get ahead and get it over with - I have to finish making his little arms and legs!

This is what the poor guy looked like when I hit my stopping point previously. I decided he needs arms and legs! 

And Alas! The finished results. All of which took merely an hour. 


This little guy can be found at :)
  Simply Jenn
P.S. I'm planning on making some Valentine bunnies (using this pattern) for our Etsy shop and for an Easter Craft Bizzar my family will be attending. Just so you know ;)