Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Face Mask

Hey you guys! It has been such a hectic week! - no time to blog - so sad. :( But! Just  two nights ago, I tried this amazing DIY Mask. It worked wonders for my skin!
   I found the "recipe" on - where some of the most amazing things are. I will admit, when you put on the mask on, you may want to do so with some in your room, when no body's home, or with a bunch of friends over so you can all look silly together! The main reason being? The And MY family (love you guys SO much) had a hay-day with comments on my "new look".
    AT ANY RATE! I can honestly say after just one use, it reduced the redness of my skin, shrunk some of my pores, and improved my acne scars. That being said, here is the magical recipe:
 DIY Honey Face Mask

[ I give all credit to the picture to this website - check them out! :) ]

   1 t. cinnamon
   1 t. nutmeg
   2 t. honey.

Mix the gooey goodness together in a coffee mug or small jar, using a spoon....or, if you're like me, just use your fingers! It was kind of hard to mix all the spices in with the honey, and it'll be a clumpy-ish mess. Just saying. But, when it's mixed together fairly well, spread that mess all over your clean face! You can leave it on for up to 30 minutes, I think I put it on and then studied for about 20 minutes....great multi-tasking ;)
     When you're ready to take the sucker off, rinse off with warm water and small circular scrubbing motions with your hands - a double whammy! A face mask, and exfoliator. Voila!! Pat your face dry, and enjoy the beautiful results! You may not be able to fully appreciate them until the next morning, but you will definitely be so happy when you wake up and look in the mirror - only to realize you don't need HALF as much make-up as you did yesterday! Yaayyy!!!

Let me know how this goes for you guys! Feedback is always appreciated on blog posts, post content, topics, etc etc etc. Also, if you guys have any requests for posts or whatnot, comment away :)

Love always,
   Simply Jenn

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  1. LOL, Hey Jenn, I recently tried a mask I saw online too. It was a mask of yogurt mixed with a probiotic capsule broke open and blended with the yogurt. (That part is optional). The cold yogurt felt good on my face. It took out the redness and also closed my huge pores! I did it after Kerris left! He would have laughed at me and gotten grossed out. lol I think I'll give this honey mask a try. Thanks!

    Take care,